Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oasis 21 (literary SF convention) report (excerpts)

My Oasis 21 con report is in the June issue of The Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin.  Here are a few excerpts:
...  Browsing the freebies table--the Hulk posters are huge!--I picked up some fiction samples and flyers, among other things.  Great selection.
Then we tracked down the video room and caught the end of a Deep Space 9 tribbles episode which was fun.  After that were the Japanese live action TV series episodes; ...
Then I dropped off the freebies in our room and went to the con suite for the chili contest ... I liked the Internal Damnation chili best. It was the hottest, but a number of people said--You call this hot?!  And went on to discuss Thai food..
Back at the video room for more of the Japanese TV series, the Ultraman episode was poetical.  Super Star God Gransazers was good.  I was sorry we couldn't see all of the Japanese episodes, but there's so much to do. 
We took a break in our room before the Alien Artifacts panel at 9 pm.  This is one of my favorite panels.  We had to wait until the 40 Years of Star Trek panel finished (it was full); so I browsed the freebies table and picked up bookmarks, etc.; there’s always something new.  I also peeked in one of the gaming rooms (there were two); ...
The Alien Artifacts panelists are scientists.  Michael Conrad was Bubba this time.  (I missed his psychic personna.)  The other scientists/panelists were David Gerrold, Jeff Mitchell (who really is a rocket scientist), John Scalzi, and Craig Caldwell.  Caldwell had a fedora, a crystal skull, magnifying glass, gloves, a sonic screwdriver; and he was always pulling new gadgets out of his bag.  He was fantastic!  The artifacts included kitchen tongs (one panelist said that it was an artificial clapper), a corked beaker (when it was uncorked, a colorless gaseous alien escaped and took over one of the panelists who attacked another panelist),  ...
Saturday, May 24, we started out at the con suite, and then I bought the current con tee shirt ...  After that it was back to the video room where we saw the end of a Land of the Lost episode.  We’d gone there to see an old Dr. Who episode ...  with Jon Pertwee, one of my favorite Dr. Whos.  After that we ...  checked out the dealers room, where I visited a favorite book dealer, The Missing Volume.  (She has the Liaden universe books by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.)  She said she’d bring one of their books that I wanted from home the next day.  She did that for me last year too.
... we went back to the video room for more Dr. Who.  And then on to the aikido demonstration.  ... The men and women fought in their bare feet; the slapping sound on the mats is very loud as they‘re thrown.  They also used staffs.  ...   They were all incredibly graceful.  Check out their website:
After [the masquerade] we viewed Quark in the video room, went to the Seattle bid party, and enjoyed the filking.  They played and sang a number of songs, including the classic about the aliens who keep dumping their pets on a man's farm on Earth.
[Sunday] ...  I go on to the Terry Pratchett panel [after the blogging panel].  (I have most of his books, btw.)  Steve Grant and Patricia Wheeler are the panelists.  Small panel and audience, but we have a good time discussing favorite lines, books, and characters.  There are so many good ones!  Wheeler recommends The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.  Someone said that Steve Hawkings mentions turtles (from the Discworld) in A Brief History of Time.  We discuss if Carrot  would ever be king.  No.  And I learn that a movie’s been made of The Colour of Magic (newer than Hogfather); and Wee Free Men has been cast.  This was a really fun panel.
Next I’m off to the charity auction (which followed the art auction); it had already started.  Mike Conrad is the auctioneer and is very funny, as usual.  {We left before it was over and also missed the closing ceremonies.  I did register for next year's con!]
You can read the whole report at The Other Worlds Cafe: The Other*Worlds*Cafe: The Cafe: Resources: Conventions: Reports
It's also available at:  (Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin link)

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