Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Digital TV Converter Boxes (discussion link)

 I was talking to a friend tonight about converter boxes, and she's already sent for her coupons and has been checking the boxes out.  They have them here at Radio Shack and Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart's are about ten dollars cheaper, but the quality might not be as good, but most of the boxes are probably about the same quality.  I didn't realize there were multiple brands. 
I've put off even ordering the coupons because from what I'd heard there were problems with getting the coupons and the boxes.  That 90 day window is a problem if no boxes are available.  But from what my friend said, a number of people have the boxes already and are getting more channels!  And then I found more information from a link in the HGTVPro e-newsletter for a blog (see below for the link) with a follow-up discussion.  I see that some people are having trouble getting the coupons (we're allowed to get two), but people are getting more channels.  I think I will send for one coupon, and then if I don't get that, I can ask for the second one...
Mr. Gatton gives a link and a phone number for getting your coupons.  I see that you can buy a box from an online dealer.    He also offers connection help; and he suggests waiting a bit for prices to come down.  I think, though, that people will be wanting more coupons and boxes as the February 17 deadline gets closer. 

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