Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home ideas

Benjamin Moore has a new interior paint called Aura; it received a 2007 Best of What's New award from Popular Science magazine.  It's an acrylic paint that uses a technology called Color Lock that embeds the pigment...; it resists water, won't rub off, ... , dries fast and is low in VOCs.  An exterior paint is upcoming.  (From the real estate section in today's paper.)
There are lots of interesting and useful ideas in Ready Made magazine (Instructions for Everyday Life).  The August/September 2008 issue included:
How to make one-of-a-kind magnets using vintage stamps attached to business-card magnets from office supply stores--and possibly arts & crafts stores.  You might want to seal the surface.
Modern wallpapers, which is in again; IMNHO, these are too busy.  There are new graphic tiles too, including shipping container tiles which are colorful and unique.  There's a page full of glitter ideas too.  Hmm.  I can do that to my shoes. 
There's a nifty idea for a vanity table that uses a mirror and little boxes and pieces of cabinets.  I could use some of our old small oak filing cabinets with the file drawers.  You can add pictures if you want and use different colors and pieces of art (p46). 

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