Friday, July 4, 2008

Home ideas

I came across some interesting ideas in Country Home: The Decorating Issue (Sept. 2006), which I think I've read before.  Those pet ideas were familiar, but I don't recall mentioning putting pet and kids' pictures onto clear, static-cling plastic decals that you put on clear glass jars.  (I put those kind of decals--that I bought at craft shows--onto windows also.)  Apparently you can have them made at or copy centers.  I would like to do that.  I may have mentioned making a pet bed out of a suitcase, but how do you keep the top up?  And I do not advocate cutting holes in old wooden chairs to set dog bowls in.  Nor do I think you should put antlers on the floor--points up! 
There's an interesting way to display rocks in one photo in that issue--pile them on a round table.  (These are round and oval rocks.)  Interesting.  And if you want to, you can put all your old wine corks in a goblet.  There's a good idea in an old issue of Country Living (November 2005): put pumpkins and gourds in window boxes or long planters.
And in an old issue of Southern Living (January 2008), I read about Messies Anonymous.  The founder of that group, Sandra Felton, got tired of her clutter one day after having to clean up a mess (old water-soaked newspapers).  One of her books on the subject is Organizing Magic. 
In an article on kitchen ideas, there's a photo of a vented bin for produce (onions, etc). that doesn't need to be refrigerated.  They slide into open shelves.  Frankly, I would never put them into shelves--especially low ones such as those pictured--because I've had to clean out bins of rotted potatoes and onions.  I will always remember a big pull-open bin full of rotten potatoes that I had to clean out--working at someone's house.  There were fruit flies involved, as I recall.  
[By the way, I pick up old magazines now and then at the library and garage sales because I'm always interested in new and useful ideas.]

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