Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home ideas

I came across some interesting decorating ideas in the August 2008 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  One of their Ideas pages showcases a selection of indoor and outdoor carts, which are made of wood, wicker, rattan, lacquered steel, blackened iron, and resin.  Another Ideas page spotlights the color blue, including denim.  There's a color called Honest Blue, btw (Sherwin-Williams).
An architect helped a homeowner solve her kitchen storage problems by replacing one of three glass doors (the middle one) to the patio with an island and pass-through window.  Now that is a great idea.  It still looks bright and airy, but isn't such a waste of space.  (See Indoors: Renovation.)
In an Outdoors: Landscaping photo, there's a bench made of stacked concrete blocks (two levels) topped with a fabric-wrapped plank.  Hmm.  I assumed it was foam.  I think I'd want something more comfy to sit on.  Also in the Outdoors section is a new product: Flex-fence.  It's a fence or canopy that can be opened, closed, or fixed at an angle.  It can help with shade and privacy on a porch or elsewhere, apparently.
And a homeowner surrounded her flat-screen TV with cabinets of her own design.  They look good, are useful, and I like not seeing a big ugly box floating on a wall.  For those who want to "dress down" a room, you can go casual with unframed pictures and a tray full of little rocks, among other ideas. 

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