Monday, July 7, 2008

Hurricane Bertha

Bertha is now a category 3 hurricane.  It should go west, then north and miss Florida. 

Update (7-9-08): Bertha has dropped to a category 1.

Update (7-11-08): The official forecast track continues to show Bertha's center passing well east of Bermuda. However, the forecast remains uncertain
Those "weak and unpredictable" upper-level winds continue to wreak havoc on the NHC's ability to forecast Bertha's path. Sullivan succintly summarizes the divergence among the computer models as follows: "[Most] models still indicate a slow turn to the NNE. Some models make a sharper turn eastward.  Some stall the storm right near Bermuda."

I saw the computer models (spaghetti strands) on the weather report today.  They are wandering off in all directions.

Link:   (Thanks, Lloyd!)

Update (7-13-08): Bertha is now a tropical storm and will be moving north then east.  It is moving at 3 mph (up from 1 mph).

Update (7-15-08): Bertha is now up to 12 mph and may become a hurricane again before fizzling out.

Update (7-18-08): Bertha is still a tropical storm.

Update (7-19-08): And now Bertha's a hurricane again.

Update (7-20-08): And now she's not and is headed towards Iceland.


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