Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More home ideas

The July/August issue of Country Home has an interesting article on the Top 10 Collectibles; which include old games, signature quilts, and bakelite (handles) kitchen utensils.  I've always enjoyed the look of bakelite, which is also popular as jewelry.  There's a lovely selection of homes with furnishings and collections and a photo of a variety of tote bags; I especially liked the one with the dinosaur running by the red London phone booth.  I enjoyed the photo of the Clumber spaniel litter too (Country Companions).
I loved the gardening article focusing on daylilies.  (We have lots.)  The one I really want is Kwanso, a beautiful, ruffly orange heirloom variety; they gave it a whole page.  And the foreverhydrangea.com ad includes Forever and Ever Peppermint, a lovely pink and white bicolor.  The food section had a blender (Vita-Mix) that you can make ice cream and sorbet in!

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