Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home ideas

There was a helpful step-by-step article on building a firepit in the September/October 2008 issue of Lowe's Creative Ideas.  I'd like one of those, though I'm not sure how you clean it out.
And the article about storage and a playroom for six children (including quintuplets) had great ideas,  which included open-door lockers--one for each child, with their pictures on top--and a hopscotch mat (secure the mat/pad with double-sided carpet tape) and a chest decorated with ABC and 1 2 3.  Elsewhere in the magazine was an idea for playing hopscotch outside with numbered stepping-stones. 
A cool kitchen idea was using a bathroom grab bar as a towel rack; it was at the end of a cupboard run.  The terra cotta pots with carved-pumpkin look faces were fun.
And I saw a Mediterranean-inspired bedroom (upcoming issue); the bed has a fountain at the bottom, which I've never seen before.  (I can picture the dogs lapping away there.)

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