Monday, August 25, 2008

Home ideas

I came across an article for a functional and fun office in the September 2008 Better Homes & Gardens.  You can use color-coordinated desk accessories, boxes, and clear plastic envelopes.  The website mentioned in the article (source of office supplies) is Welcome to See Jane Work   (My desk is full of old metal horizontal and vertical file holders, btw.)
A shared children's bathroom has drawers with each child's initials on the front of the child's drawer.  There's also a photo spread of pies in this issue that make me wish I had a cook.  (I've been known to make microwave popcorn and the occasional beef pinwheel.) 
A rug-upholstered headboard is a nifty idea I came across in an old issue of Country Living (May 2006).  There are some beautiful rugs out there!  In a little piece about adding luxury to your daily life they suggested that instead of an e-mail, you mail a hand-written thank you note to a friend.  (I think investing in beautiful stationery would also be nice--and unselfish.)  But more candles in a fireplace?!  I think not.
If you need more storage, you can keep linens in an armoire or linen press.  Put it in a hallway, landing, or maybe one of those bonus rooms.  And here's a great idea if you have an old trunk with a tray.  Use kitchen and sock drawer organizers or possibly an ice cube tray; that works for jewelry too, especially small earrings.  (I saw that on a home show recently.) 
A piece on kitchen storage also included an armoire--equipped with shelves, hooks, and dividers--for pots & pans, small appliances, cookbooks, etc.  Another article (Out and About quoting three shop owners) said that "People never tire of a pale palette, ..."  Fortunately that was followed by lots of pictures of colorful rooms and furniture.   
A truly useful article was Pethouse 101 on pet-proofing and pet-friendly design.  It recommended wood and tile flooring.  (We rip out carpeting in houses we move into.)  They add that broadloom carpeting and rugs should be avoided.  (You betcha.  All our rugs are washable.)  But sisal, seagrass, and jute can be hosed clean outdoors.  Huh?!  And, of course, avoid textured materials that cat and dog claws can catch in.  I'd avoid spreads and throws with fringe also; I've had to unhook dog tags.  The article also recommends indoor-outdoor materials and FLOR carpet tiles, which I've always thought was a great idea (being able to replace a square), but I, personally, would still avoid anything that couldn't be washed easily in place.  (With animals, if it's not one end, it's the other.)
In the November 2006 Country Living, there's a little piece on pantries.  It says that "Unfortunately, from the 1950s on, 'modern' kitchen design often did away with this great storage feature."  Frankly, I never understood that, and in our new house, we have a large walk-in pantry.  I remember crawling around on the floor peering into kitchen cupboards at the old house trying to find assorted canned goods.

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