Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Fay?

It looks like it's going to miss us here in the northwest corner of Polk county; it's beginning to move away.  'Course it's going out into the Atlantic where it's expected to become a hurricane (category 1 or possibly 2) and curve back into Florida, but they're not sure where exactly.  The computer models are all over the map.

Update (8-20-08): Fay is pretty much gone.  That was a tight little storm and all the rain bands missed us except for one early one.  I watched the clouds rotating this afternoon though--pretty.  The dogs got a lot of exercise; we kept taking them out in case it rained for a long time...

Update: We're getting rain from the rotating rain bands.  Melbourne got over 20"; they're really flooded.  It's still not certain what Fay is going to do.  One model shows it moving south instead of north when it turns west.  (Georgia and Alabama are hoping for some rain.)  There should be some intensification as the center moves out over water, but it may not make it to hurricane status.

Update (8-22-08): We're getting a lot more rain now from the rain bands rotating around Fay as it moves WNW.  This is the first time one storm has hit one state four different times.

Update (8-24-08): So far we've only gotten a little over two inches of rain from Fay, though we're getting rain this afternoon from a rain band.  It should taper off by tomorrow, I think.

Update (8-27-08): The remnants of Fay are over North Carolina and Virginia.


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Anonymous said...

I queried two cousins about Fay.  One lives near Tallahassee, and she said that they got lots of rain Friday and Saturday and some Sunday.  There was some wind; one tree was uprooted and fell over; their yard is full of limbs; and her new workshop is leaking.

My cousin in Georgia said that they got a little bit of rain this (Monday) morning, which was much needed.  He says that they're supposed to get some more the rest of the week.  I know that Georgia and Alabama are hoping for rain because of the drought.