Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Gustav is now a category 3 hurricane and is headed towards the western tip of Cuba.  Sustained winds are 125 mph.  Florida is getting rain bands, but all we've gotten locally is sprinkles.  New Orleans is getting ready to evacuate.

Link: Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

(Thanks, Lloyd)

Update: We're getting rain now, with lightning and thunder.

Update: Gustav is now a category 4.  It hasn't cleared Cuba yet, but it should go into the Gulf tonight.

Update: Gustav should become a cat 5 tonight and make landfall Monday. 

Update: Or maybe it won't become a category 5, but it's still a strong storm, and New Orleans is being evacuated.  Rain bands are rotating over Cuba and Florida.  And now Florida is in Hanna's cone of uncertainty.

Update (8-31-08): Gustav is a category 3 and rain bands are over southern Louisiana now.  Hanna will probably miss us.  It's going north, though the computer models vary a bit.

Hanna link: Tropical Storm HANNA

Update: Gustav has made landfall near Cocodrie, LA, and I came across a post that was asking for evacuation space for livestock in northern Louisiana, northern Texas, southern Oklahoma, and southern Arkansas.

Update: Gustav is now a tropical storm.

Update (9-3-08): The remnants of Gustav are raining over Arkansas and other states, while Texas and Oklahoma need the rain.

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