Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

We here in central Florida should start getting rain Monday from TS Fay.  The computer models vary; I saw one earlier that showed Fay cutting across Florida and exiting on the east coast.  Here are two good links for keeping track:

Tropical Storm FAY  (Thanks, Lloyd)  (Thanks, Mina & Frank)

Update: We're getting rain bands now, and they're going way north of us.  The center is over Key West; it's not a hurricane yet, and it may not become one.  It will make landfall early Tuesday morning, and it looks like it'll pass over us as it heads north. 

Update (8-19-08): No rain so far--just sprinkles.  (That first rain band only gave us a shower.)  I learned from a weatherman on the local news (The Weather Channel is disappointing because it doesn't show your counties or what's happening locally) that there's a pocket of dry air in the northwest corner of Polk county.  That explains why the storm keeps rotating and rotating and avoiding our area.  (I'm watching it on radar online.)  Btw, here's another link: Hurricane and Tropical Storm coverage from MyFOX Tampa Bay |  (Thanks, Mina)

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