Monday, August 25, 2008

Tropical Storm Gustav

Tropical Storm Gustav has formed from one of the waves we've been watching as Fay wandered off and is moving towards the Caribbean; it's early yet; the spaghetti models are pointing in several directions, and the cone of uncertainty is big.  It's about a week away from us.

Link: Tropical Storm GUSTAV

(Thanks for the link, Lloyd)

Update: Gustav is now a category 1 hurricane; it is weakening over Haiti, but it may make it up to a category 3; it should be way west of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

Update (8-27-08): It's still over Haiti and the cone of uncertainty is brushing Florida's west coast.

Update (8-28-08): Gustav will probably only become a category 2, and the cone of uncertainty has moved west away from Florida.

Update: Gustav has moved farther away from Florida and is predicted to be a category 3 after all.  Intensification should begin tomorrow about midday, and it should hit the north coast of the Gulf Monday night or Tuesday.

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