Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna

Invest L 95 (as I recall), which means Investigating a Low, is now TS Hanna.  The computer models show some strange loops...  Hanna may become a category 1-3 and may head west towards FL 

Link: Interactive Storm Tracker | WFTS-TV | First in HD

Update: Now they're saying it may become a category 4 or 5.  I believe it'll become a hurricane within a day or so.

And Gustav has moved further west though some models show it moving further west--or east.  And some other waves are coming off Africa; there was a possible storm off Campeche, but it's fallen apart.  One weatherman said that we could have five storms by the end of next week.

Link: Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

(Thanks, Lloyd)

Update: Hanna should become a category 1 hurricane; its path is predicted to turn to the southwest now.

Btw, this week's rain dance has been cancelled.

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