Saturday, September 20, 2008

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

I live on a registered Backyard Wildlife Habitat.  (I'm registered with the National Wildlife Federation, The Florida Wildlife Habitat Program [University of Florida], and the county.)  We have sandhill cranes, herons, and lots of other birds and critters; there are less deer, wild turkeys, and other animals as development continues to surround us.  Anyway, recently a wildlife rehabilitator chose our property to release five little squirrels she's been raising.  They love the cathedral oak behind the house where we released them and have been scampering all over.  I'm hoping we'll be chosen for the release of some flying squirrels.

With all the spreading concrete and developments, maybe you can make your property a refuge for birds, animals, and butterflies.  Cutting down on poisons in your yard would be helpful too.  Check out the NWF's guidelines for what you can do to help.  Here's a link to my NWF listing: Online Scrapbook - Garden for Wildlife - National Wildlife Federation

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Anonymous said...

stanley and i are also registered with the national wildlife federation.  sometimes the wa state bird comes to our feeders.  

it's so cool that your property was chosen for the release of the five squirrels.

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that!  We need more wildlife habitat.  

I'm hoping the squirrels learn how to use the squirrel feeder some day; it has a roof/door that they have to push up to get the food and peanuts.