Tuesday, September 23, 2008

House ideas

There's a fun idea about colors in the October 2008 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  Use spicy colors such as saffron, ginger, cinnamon, paprika, and a muted chili pepper. 

You can color coordinate your home by using at least three colors that work together; combine them in different ways--walls, furniture, etc.  And you can match the color of framed prints to the color of the headboard of a bed. 

Apparently a room isn't done without pillows.  (Some people have a pillow addiction; 'course some people have a candle addiction.)  But if you want to cut back, recycle.  In a Living Green article, one family has a number of ideas, including putting a recycling bin next to every wastebasket in the house.  There's an excellent article on shopping "naked," btw.  You should check that out.  (Leave your credit cards at home.)  Other helpful ideas are included in the article.

Instead of removing a popcorn ceiling, you can put bead board over it.  And you can make curtains using napkins, grommets and rivets.  (The grommets and rivets come in kits.)  

Now that it's fall, you can use gourds and pumpkins for decorating, including displaying flowers in gourds.  You just hollow out the neck--not very much apparently, after cutting off the stem--and add a little water.

For cute and clever pumpkin ideas, see the October issue of Country Home.  There's an interesting article on trade blankets in that issue too.  It gives historical background; and it says that Pendleton is the only company making the blankets now.  In 2009, Pendleton's 100th anniversary, they'll bring back vintage patterns.  The old blankets are collectible and expensive!

House hunting tip when looking at old houses, it's better to buy a home that hasn't been updated than one that's been badly remodeled.  Entertaining ideas from that issue include punch with floating ghosts.  They look so cool!   

I have to mention the cute Iams ad in Country Home: "Playing fetch with me involves two zip codes."  [I must point out that the dog is a Border Collie.]

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