Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Ike is now a category 3 and moving due west towards Cuba.  It'll probably be a category 1 when it gets into the Gulf on Tuesday.

Update (9-8-08): Ike made landfall on Cuba and is travelling south.  It may curve back over the western tip of Cuba.  The evacuation of the Florida Keys has been cancelled. 

Update: Ike is a cat 2 and is leaving Cuba moving west.  The Keys and southern Florida are getting rain bands.

Update: Ike is a cat 1 and may make landfall in Texas.

The ghost of Josephine may re-develop--or not; otherwise the tropics are clear except for Ike.

Update (9-9-08): Ike is moving WNW over Cuba; it's still not clear where it'll make landfall, but it'll probably be a category 3 by then.

Update: Ike has moved off Cuba, and rain bands are moving up Florida (rotating from east to west); we even got a little shower late this afternoon.  After it makes landfall (Texas is preparing for evacuations), it'll head north. 

Update: Ike is intensifying, and here in central Florida we might get some rain tomorrow (Wednesday), which we need.  Cirrus clouds are blowing off the top of Ike in the opposite direction...

Update (9-10-08): Ike is still a cat 1, but is strengthening and will possibly make it to a cat 3.  It may make landfall between Brownsville and Corpus Christi, Texas.  Here we've been getting heavier rain from rain bands since last night.

Update: Ike is a cat 2 and should make it to 3 and possibly 4; and after it makes landfall it'll turn north.  Most computer models are in agreement--pretty close anyway.  Sometimes the spaghetti strands wander off in all directions.  Here in Florida only the west coast should be getting rain tomorrow.

Update (9-11-08): Ike is still a cat 2; it's expected to become a cat 3 just before landfall, which will be near Galveston and Houston.  One of its rain bands missed us earlier.  That'll probably be the last big one here.  They're ready to evacuate in Texas and Lousiana.

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