Thursday, September 4, 2008

Storm updates

Hanna is going north and may make landfall Friday night in North Carolina.  We're getting clouds from the tops being blown off Hanna, but no rain is expected here since we're on the west side (the dry side).  We'll probably be dry for a few more days.

Ike is still a category 4 hurricane and may be headed for Florida, but wind shear is eating its eye wall.  It's moving west still, but should turn north later. 

Gustav remnants are headed east.

Update: Hanna is moving NW at 18 mph; it's farther west than expected and may become a hurricane; south Florida is getting rain.  Here in central Florida we're getting sprinkles.  Hanna may make landfall in South or North Carolina.  Georgia is getting rain.  Hanna is accelerating.

Ike is still moving west and has weakened a bit; it's a category 3 now.  Ike link: Hurricane IKE   (Thanks, Lloyd)  Some people think it's predicted path is similar to Donna's.  It's moving WNW now.

Tropical Storm Josephine has weakened and will probably curve up into the Atlantic.

Update (9-6-08): Josephine is now a tropical depression.

Ike is moving WSW and the track curves like a u before Ike starts toward the Gulf...; it may become a cat 4 again.

Hanna should make landfall tonight; it isn't dawdling so there should be less flooding.

Update: Hanna is still a tropical storm and is approaching NYC.

Ike is a category 2, but is expected to strengthen after Hanna moves farther away.  My cousin in Arizona is expecting rain from Ike later on.

Update: Ike is now a category 4 but is expected to weaken as it goes over Cuba. 

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