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Children's book reviews

Here are three reviews of Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?:

A handful of colorful cutouts of the main characters round out this simple story, December 3, 2007

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Why Won't Anyone Play With Me? is a delightful, flat-spined children's picturebook with a relevant moral for young readers. Kallie, a curious and exuberant kitten, wants to play. But the creatures Kevin Kroaker, Tazi Treefrog, and Topper Turtle don't want to play with her! Why not? "A muffled voice, Topper Turtle's, said, 'You won't let us. We can't play the rough games you play; we're too little.'" Kallie learns to play gentle games such as hopscotch, leapfrog, and tag with her new friends. A handful of colorful cutouts of the main characters round out this simple story for teaching older children about getting along with younger children.

Link to review: MBR: Children's Bookwatch, December 2007 (The review is over half way down the page.)

Why Won’t Anyone Play With Me?
Joy V. Smith
PublishAmerica (2007)ISBN 9781424186341
Reviewed by Noah Phenis (age 8) for Reader Views (11/07)

“Why Won’t Anyone Play With Me?” is a short book written by Joy V. Smith for young kids to enjoy. The images in this story were done by Andrea Gradidge in a cute and fuzzy manner. The illustrations go right along with the story and help a child to see what is happening.

This story was written to help teach children a lesson in life. Joy V. Smith did a pretty good job teaching us that sometimes you need to learn how to play other people’s games, so they canget more enjoyment out of it and maybe they will learn to play your games too.

The story uses six animal characters to play out a day’s event. Four of these loveable characters are included in the back of the book as cutouts to play along with during the story, providing hands-on learning and getting the listener involved in the lesson.

I would like to see the author write more stories like this in a series to help teach other life lessons to young children. I would recommend “Why Won’t Anyone Play With Me?” to anyone with small children who are still learning their way in the social world.

I thought this book was cute because I like kittens, frogs, turtles and salamanders which are used instead of people to tell the story. As a young child myself, I can relate to the difficulty Kallie Kitten has with making new friends and learning how to do so.

Cute Book, November 28, 2007
By Reader Views "" (Austin, Texas)
Reviewed by Noah Phenis (age 8) for Reader Views (11/07)

And here's a review from my hometown paper (it's an excerpt; the rest of the article was background):

Her current book was published in July by Publish America. It is a soft-cover, 15-page picture book for the 3-to 6-year-old reader. The delightful, delicate illustrations have been provided by Andrea Gradidge.

The story focuses on a valuable lesson that all children need to learn. The main character, pouncer Kallie Kitten, plays too rough with her wild friends. Gradually none of them wants to spend time with her anymore. The character selection is clever and age appropriate. Smith makes the attendent life lesson clear at the conclusion of the story.

The author has cleverly included cutouts of the maincharacters as a supplement to the book. This is a nice touch and provides a fun physical activity for the young reader that compliments the story.

"Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?" is available from, Barnes &, and the publisher.

By Barbara Mahler 10/14/07 Sunday

Barbara Mahler is a correspondent for Gannett Wisconsin newspapers.

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