Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kitchen clutter (link)

There are some basic tips here from the Kohler website, including cull and rearrange, but check them out to discover specific ideas for your kitchen. Other ideas include a soap dispenser (I think they mean one that's part of your sink, but I've never liked them 'cause they break and leak!), rinse baskets (so that's what those things are! To me they're part of the clutter), and a remote-control sink strainer! Oh, wow. Modern technology...

Link: KOHLER: Planning Tips: Conquer Kitchen Clutter: Kitchen: Articles


LGD said...

They talk a good game, but if I had the time to make all the knickknacks and install all the handy hooks I'd have time to get the clutter into the dishwasher or cabinets where it belongs :-)

Joy V. Smith said...


I don't have a clutter problem in my kitchen, but hooks are handy for cups if you don't have enough room. I confess that my cups are stacked. Btw, dishwashers are good for stashing things that you want kept dry during hurricanes, etc.