Sunday, October 26, 2008

More decorating ideas

I found some interesting ideas in the November 2008 issue of Country Home. A chair made out of wooden thread spools--the regular small ones--was different. And a bathroom vanity made from a shop counter with drawers looked good and had lots of storage.

Ideas included matching furniture that's too big for a room to the wall color; it makes the piece look smaller, says the decorator. And you can put intense color combinations below eye level; a bright rug will enliven rather than overwhelm. I like that idea. (The rug in the photo has a mosaic look.) Other color suggestions are for accent walls: Stadium Red (Ralph Lauren); Sunrise--this is actually blue! (Benjamin Moore); and Spiced Apple Cider (Benjamin Moore). This last one is too dull and dark for my taste.

In one article, the home owner tried several colors on her living room walls and finally dumped all the colors in a pail and used that color. It was just what she wanted! And in her bathroom, her "temple-like shower" is framed with a pillar look (possibly door molding). A fantastic idea.

A happy holiday idea is putting gourds in a shallow bowl lined with moss, garnished with autumn leaves. (I finally got a couple big pumpkins for the front porch, but I think they need a scattering of gourds to enhance the look. I have a small pumpkin on the foyer table.)

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