Sunday, November 9, 2008

Decorating and holiday ideas

There were some lovely photo spreads of color combinations like gold, white, and light blue in Country Living (December 2008). And there's a section at the back of the magazine (one of those reversed upsidedown ones) that focuses on holiday treats and ideas. I like the white packages with red velvet ribbon.

The collectibles section in the magazine showcased a beautiful silver menorah, a necklace made of Lumarith (similar to celluloid), a toy zeppelin, flint glass, ....

You can temporarily plant a footed compote or punch bowl with ferns, cacti, or narcissi--or fill it with citrus. [Hmm. Good use for the punch bowl I rarely use.]

Christmas tree recycling uses include the coastline program; Louisiana is one state that uses "tree fences" to protect coastal wetlands. See: Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

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