Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holiday entertaining tips (link)

A great tip from this list is: Add an extra coat tree and/or hangers in the hall closet, plus extra doormats for boots for company. And I'll reiterate, use a real fresh scent instead of commercial products. I'm planning to hang an evergreen wreath on the front door (I love that smell). (I have the metal hangers that go over the top of the door so that you don't damage your door.) Heck, bake some cookies or gingerbread!

Link: Ten Tips for Celebration Preparation (Home Made Simple website)


LGD said...

I second the motion for fresh scents like baking and cooking to greet your guests with!

Joy V. Smith said...

I have a pomander on my Christmas list because I love the smell of cloves and cinnamon; and I'm thinking of buying one of those cinnamon brooms at the grocery store.