Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prosumer kitchens (link)

What is a Prosumer Kitchen, you ask. (Well, I did.)

"With restaurant-style features and heavy-duty construction, prosumer kitchen gear promises a higher level of culinary performance."

Frankly, I don't see that happening in my kitchen no matter how high-end it is. 'Course everyone knows I don't have any culinary skills. (They say that making popcorn in the microwave doesn't count.)

"While most prosumer kitchen appliances don't require restaurant-level power sources and ventilation, you may need to make a few adaptations." AND "A majority of prosumer appliances are stainless steel. But that doesn't mean you're locked into a contemporary style kitchen."

I am grateful for that 'cause I don't like stainless steel. I love those pewter-look appliances though. Here's the link for learning more : HGTV KitchenDesign Guide to the Professional-Style Kitchen Some chefs talk about their kitchens too.

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