Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3D television (link)

This is certainly an intriguing idea, but not practical for most of us yet...

"2) To watch these 3D movies you will need a 3D source (these could be Blu Ray DVD players, satellite or cable boxes), a 3D enabled TV and the shutter glasses.
3) The TV sends a wireless signal to the glasses to sync the shutters with the picture on the TV."

For even more mind-boggling info, see the rest of the article: Bob Gatton's Tech Talk -- 3D TV in Your Home

This is something I'd be more likely to splurge on--than Surround Sound, for instance. I read in a recent TV Guide that there'll be a Chuck episode in 3D February 2. I dug up some old 3D glasses, but now I suspect they won't work since if this is a program on the cutting edge, "everyone in the room in the room will need to wear a pair of glasses, if you aren't wearing the glasses and watching something that is in 3D, the picture will be unwatchable."

However, when I looked it up on Google, the Chuck website doesn't give any data on how it works. The episode is titled: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension
Here's the link to that: Chuck: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension - TV.com

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