Sunday, January 4, 2009

Architecture of the Imagination

"Val Con's dressing room--the 'apartment' set aside for their use was larger than Zhena Trelu's whole house, back on Vandar--was on the opposite side of the bedroom. There were three other rooms--a parlor, an office and a bookroom, plus a bathroom the size of Lytaxin spaceport and a balcony that looked out over the east garden.

A huge bed commanded the bedroom. Flowering vines grew up two of the posts and all over the canopy, dripping long tendrils like flowering curtains around the sides. Miri shook her head. Liadens...A whole room just to dress in, a garden growing in the bedroom, and a bunch of other stuff, here and there, apparently just done for pretty."

Plan B (A Liaden Universe Novel) by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

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