Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home and garden ideas

I saw a lovely bouquet of sunflowers in a yellow pitcher in the May 2008 issue of Southern Living. The color of the pitcher was very close to the color of the sunflowers. Very effective display. There was a hanging basket of bougainvillea on a cozy porch in the same issue. I bet you have to trim that constantly. Ouch. Another homeowner's greenhouse is under deciduous trees so it's cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

There was a combination laundry room, potting room--and more in another article. The upper cabinets had trellis doors, which was a nice change from plain doors. An eco-friendly home article mentioned that heavy moldings--so popular now--weigh down an airy, light space. And the home owners didn't want to waste materials for a "grandiose" look.

I learned in another article that in an Austin, Texas neighborhood, each household is allowed to fill one garbage bin a week. It didn't give a size, but if you go over that, you have to put a sticker on your spillover and pay extra for the pickup.

And I saw in the Whatever Works catalogue, an alarm clock with real chimes, and a cubical clock that changes colors. I just might put one or both on my birthday list. Link: Pest Control Household Gadgets Outdoor Solutions Home & Garden Problem Solutions Whatever Works

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