Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home ideas

There's an interesting selection of vintage stoves in the February issue of Country Living. A restored 1949 Chambers C-90 stove is priced at $8,900.00. It's a beautiful bright red; and I learned that immediately after WWII, most American appliance manufacturers were owned by automotive companies and often had bumper-like curves and chrome fixtures. Reproduction stoves are available from Elmira Stoveworks, Heartland Appliances, Viking Range, and Aga Ranges. They are really striking.

There are Before and After pictures of a recovered 1960s barrel chair in this issue also. It's one of those cases where the Before photo looks better. Featured products include bandanna-inspired table linens. They actually look pretty good--not country cliche.

There's a mention of Habitat ReStore, which is always worth visiting if you're looking for appliances or building materials. [We've donated an old fridge, unused tiles, etc. to them.]

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