Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Architecture of the Imagination

"The doorkeeper installed him in a parlor just off the main entryway and left him. Jethri looked about him, eyes slightly narrowed in protest of the decorating. A deep napped crimson carpet covered the floor from crimson wall to crimson wall. A couch in crimson brocade and two crimson brocade chairs were grouped 'round a low table covered with a crimson cloth. A black wooden bookshelf along one short wall held volumes uniformly bound in red leather, titles outlined in gilt.

Jethri was beginning to feel a little uneasy in the stomach by the time the hall door opened and the master of the house joined him."

From Balance of Trade (a Liaden universe novel) by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

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Joy V. Smith said...

This is not a home, btw; it's The Ruby Club...