Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home and garden ideas

I got some good catalogs in the mail recently. In Grandinroad, there's an interesting pile of books laid flat in a huge circle that extends from floor to ceiling! Very impressive. Apparently it's in a room from Metropolitan Home. I guess no one's going to want to read those books, and it's just for looks.

Another idea--from the Rachael Ray Show--is the alphabet in photos; each photo has an object that looks like a letter. Sometimes you have to look hard to recognize the letter, but it's an interesting concept. Later in the catalog are benches, an obelisk, and rabbits made from twigs and vines. Frankly, those rabbits don't look like they're made from twigs; they resemble creatures from the Tournament of Roses parade. Link:

And in a favorite catalog, Plow and Hearth, are more glowing garden accesssories--modelled after the moon, sun, stars, Saturn with rings, and an armillary. They're all designed to light up your garden at night, and I'd love to have them all. I'd put some in the beds surrounding the patio out back. There are also some shimmering gazing balls. The cat playing with one is a fun idea. More glowing toadstools, gazing balls, and a wind vane use luminous paint or crystals to absorb the sun's light during the day and glow gently at night. I love them all! Link:

And I loved the flowers in the Select Seeds catalog. The moon garden collection, which includes Moonflower and Colchester White Centaurea, is beautiful. The catalog is full of beautiful flowers, including poppies, hollyhocks (which I remember fondly from my childhood; the blossoms made skirts for wooden clothespin dolls), dianthus, coleus, and so many more. I love those colors! Link:

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