Monday, February 16, 2009

Paint color ideas

A friend recently gave me some Porter Paint folders. She's been decorating and wanted to share some color ideas with me. There are a lot of whites: Delicate White, Cake Batter, Alabaster, Creamy White, Heavy Cream, and more. I'm not that fond of white; it's boring. (Heavy Cream, Navajo White, and Morocco Sand are darker, however.)

Nordic Lights Palette includes Morning Fog (a pale blue). Some darker colors are Friar's Brown (very dark) and Wool Tweed (not as dark). The Desert Spice folder includes Gingerbread and Allspice, also Caramel Apple and Spiced Cider. (Caramel Apple is light, and Spiced Cider is much darker; you'd think it would be the opposite.) Desert Spice is also related somehow to Feng Shui. (I'm not limited by Feng Shui so I won't proceed further.)

Another folder is Tapestry and Mosaic, which includes Pine Cone (dark green) and Fuzzy Sheep (white), plus Pizza Pie (not quite brick red) and Cedar Chest (closer to brick red). The Midnight Song Palette includes Smoky Grape, Pageant Pansy, and Blackearth (a dull black--in case you wondered). Euro Blush Palette has some very pale pinks.

I enjoyed looking at these colors, and I love some of the names! But I've learned that no matter how much you like a color, it might not be right for your wall or trim... (Repainting is no fun; the sooner you catch a mistake, the better.)

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