Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Architecture of the Imagination

"These lands were a minor holding of Grand Lord Narr-Souwa's and the building was fairly new, in a modern style. Mosaic of red-and-black thunderbolt pattern decorated walls that sheered up to steep roofs of copper kept blindingly polished, whose beam ends gaped in the form of carnivores. Tradition had made the lower windows mere gun slits, but those on upper floors were arrogantly broad. Saw-toothed spires at the four cardinal points flew ancestral banners.

... A pair of armed Heroes met him, gave greeting, and escorted him down a granite corridor to an elevator, and thence to a flamewood door that recognized them and slid aside. ...

The chamber was austere, panelled with various metals, its floor turf-like and sound-absorbent. ... Furnishings were scant, mostly a minimum of communications equipment. ..."

From Pele by Poul Anderson in Man-Kzin Wars IX

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