Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home and garden ideas

The June issue of Early American Life has some interesting decorating ideas in their restoration articles. In the Charleston home, I liked the tangerine-rust shade from Italy; it works well with a dark wooden floor. The owners also used a blue-green shade in the living room that they got from an Italian mural. It looks slightly more green than blue, but both colors are rich looking.

In their living room floor length draperies, they've stuffed newspaper at the bottom for a flared look. (I wonder how they clean around it?) There are tapestry draperies in the den that aren't period appropriate (Never let that stop you!), but they match the rug--lovely!

I enjoyed the article on old roses. We've had some over the years, including Old Blush; they require less care--and lots of space. Beautiful illustrations, including Redoute paintings. (I had a Redoute calendar once; I love roses.) There's a well-illustrated article on spinning wheels also, plus articles about silhouettes and sailing ships and a colonial garden with an herb garden plan. (I love herbs and scented geraniums for a more fun garden. We walk through ours ripping off leaves for visitors to sniff.)

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