Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home decorating ideas

I found some good decorating ideas in the April/May issue of Ready Made magazine. An especially interesting photo spread focused on ideas from the laboratory. The salt and pepper shakers, respectively Na CL and Pe+(Pe) r, are a clever idea. There are also glass beakers used as vases, etc. and a large beaker lamp; you wave your hand over the top to turn it on, off, or down. And you can build a molecular model (organic art).

I'm not sure how to describe the big photos of the backs of people's--and dog's--heads in front of interesting wallpaper, but the effect of all those photos lined up is certainly striking. There are a number of other imaginative and useful ideas also.

I did not care for the idea of the stacked books on floating shelves; it's not practical--it'd be a real nuisance pulling a book from the bottom of the pile, and it's not good for the books! And the glass bottles in a chandelier makes me nervous.

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