Saturday, May 30, 2009

Decorating ideas

I came across more nifty ideas in the June/July issue of ReadyMade magazine. They made a nifty holder (for condiments, utensils, bottles, etc.) from a cardboard beverage carton. Strengthen the bottom with duct tape and cover it with gift wrapping paper. And make a fake lamp chain with a little plastic toy. (You know I've been wondering what to do with those cute critters in softsoap dispensors. I wonder if they'd work.)

A trellis made from old tennis rackets bought at a thrift store is a fun idea; it looks like they're attached to each other with ties, but I'm not sure what keeps them in place. There was an interesting article on working with Legos too. I see they have a digital edition, but you have to be a subscriber to access it. (You have to register online.)

Here's their website link: ReadyMade

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