Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home and garden ideas

There are so many solar-powered products available now! I came across a stonelike polyresin pillar with house numbers that I may get for our house, which is a ways back from the road. This is from Collections, Etc. (see link below). They've also got a pole with hanging baskets and an eagle on top that glows at night. And solar rocks (resin) connected with a cord. (The eagle, pillar, and rocks also have batteries. Why?) There are a variety of lovely lights too. Hmm. These also require batteries. The solar-powered lights I already have don't have batteries...

They also have a toad cottage that looks like a little house. It's really cute. All my toad houses are much more natural looking. I presume this doesn't have a floor. (I saw one with a floor once in a store--no good for toads since they can't burrow into the ground then.) And I love the door with a lighted window (solar power and battery). I've mentioned doors that attach to tree trunks--on the ground--but this is really nifty; it comes with stepping stones.

In another catalog I saw some antique insulators that have been recycled into pendant lights and soap dispensors. (I love recycling; see link below.)

Links: Collections Etc.: Unique gifts, home and garden decor, and housewares. A collection of unbeatable values!

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