Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Outdoor living

The latest Plow and Hearth catalog has a colorful selection of umbrellas, pillows, and outdoor rugs. And there's a birdbath with a tiny house in the middle of it; 'course I can't help thinking about how hard that will be to clean. I have a fancy birdbath with birds on the edge, and I have to use a toothbrush on it, besides my regular scrub brush. I love the mosaic hummingbird feeder; red is the predominant color, of course. I've never seen one that beautiful. There's a variety of mushrooms for the garden also. I'd love to get that mushroom stool.

There's a lovely iron trellis with three bells hanging from the top; as a matter of fact, I've seen it in an earlier catalog, and we're buying bells to hang from one of our trellises. Another idea I love is the little doors and windows you attach to a big tree trunk for a whimsical touch. I like the little houses you can put in your flower beds too. There's a variety of outdoor furniture and a raised dog bed to keep your dog, when he's outside, cool and a little safer from fire ants, etc.

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Unknown said...

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