Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SF anthology news: Man-Kzin Wars

I recently interviewed Hal Colebatch & Matthew Joseph Harrington, two science fiction authors whose work I really enjoy, and both interviews are in the May issue of Expressions (writing ezine):

From the introduction in Expressions:

I've been reading the Man-Kzin Wars series for a long time. The series was created by Larry Niven, but different authors joined in. The latest volume, Man-Kzin Wars XII (Baen, 2009), includes two great stories, Aquila Advenio and String, co-written by Hal Colebatch & Matthew Joseph Harrington; in both stories, humans and Kzin team up. For those unfamiliar with Man-Kzin relations, the Kzinti (tiger-like aliens) started attacking, enslaving, and eating humans a long time ago. Now things are different--somewhat, sometimes, and in some places. I enjoyed these stories so much that I tracked down the authors to learn more about them--and their stories.

Link to May issue of Expressions: Expressions 107

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Joy V. Smith said...

E-mail announcement from Matthew Joseph Harrington:

I have been asked to do a reading from Man-Kzin Wars XII on May 14th at 7 PM, at the Pruneyard Barnes & Noble, 1875 South Bascom Avenue, Campbell, CA. Books will be signed, and an annotation list will be given out with each autograph. This will include inside references, details of story development, and other previously unpublished material.

I will be reading String, written by Hal Colebatch and me, the only humorous story written for the series.

--Matthew Joseph Harrington