Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crape myrtles in bloom

Our crape myrtles are beginning to bloom, and petals are beginning to drift down like snowflakes; and in the Townhouse (Japanese variety with white blossoms), the air is filled with the sound of humming (some sort of honeybee, I believe). We have multiple beds of different colors--front and back and down both sides of the property, and none of them are pollarded (had their tops chopped off) because they've got plenty of room. There's no crape murder here! (Some people think that's the way they're supposed to look.)

Our varieties include hybrids such as Basham's Party Pink, Tonto, Biloxi, Tuscorora, Raspberry Sundae, Dynamite, Natchez, Burgandy Cotton, Osage, and Pink Velour; we also have Japanese, Chinese, and American crape myrtles.

Links: Crapemyrtle : Extension : Clemson University : South Carolina


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Joy V. Smith said...

Our other varieties include Velma's Royal Delight, Zuni, Victor, Apalachee, Lipan, Hopi, Pink Velour, Yuma, and Tuscarora.