Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Energy options (link)

There are some useful energy ideas on this HGTVPro website. I finally learned more about a swamp cooler, btw. My cousin in Phoenix has one, and I never really got a handle on it, but here's a photo and a description. I never wanted radiant heat in my floor 'cause I worry about how to fix it; but I do want to have a wood stove for heating backup in my next house. And I certainly didn't expect to come across a kerosene space heater, but they're safer now. You still have to be careful!

Link: Slideshow : Energy Options, Pt. 2: Home Solutions :

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Joy V. Smith said...

From my cousin in Phoenix:

Yes, the drawback is that when the humidity is high and the dew point is 55 degrees or higher, the cooler is not as efficient. The one I have is suppose to work well even then. We shall see when the monsoon season gets here. I am glad my new Mastercool only cost me 3,000.00. It is one if not the best one out here.