Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home furnishing and decorating ideas

There are some interesting articles and photos in the August issue of Country Living. I enjoyed the roundup of America's favorite silverware patterns. Queen Elizabeth (Towle Silversmiths) is elegant; the others are fancier, but Eloquence (Lunt Silversmiths) is too ostentatious.

The furnishing of the set for Julia Child's kitchen (for the movie, Julie & Julia) was interesting. They had to build Child's signature Peg-Board and Norwegian armchair, but found Spode Blue Willow dishes, etc. Child was 6'2", btw, and had high counters. (Meryl Streep stands on a platform to appear taller.)

There are decorating-with-fern prints ideas, restaurant plate collectibles, and ideas for flower arrangements. Folding back tulip petals gives you a fantastic look! Lots of other decorating ideas too; a real estate sampler of homes available next to protected land, including Yosemite National Park; and there's a cute French bulldog in a Pedigree ad.

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