Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scurtz chair covers (link)

Here's an interesting product I came across recently. I've seen chair covers before--to dress up your plastic chairs, dining room chairs, etc., but these are "stylish, decorative skirts for chairs. They're very upscale, and some people see them as an alternative to tablecloths or place settings as a unique way of decorating for guests."

They come in velvet, tulle, etc.; and some are reversible. Link: Scurtz! Inc. : Home


MindyR said...

I just bought a set of 6 for my kitchen chairs in the chocolate brown velvet (think its called cafe) and they are gorgeous! It made my kitchen go from boring to dramatic in an instant! I've tried using slipcovers before but they are very cumbersome, have to be ironed and just don't fit the chairs right. Scurtz are easy to tie on, very little maintenance, and even fit my side chairs that have arms (slipcoves don't). I am going to purchase the cranberry ones next to have in time for the holidays since we do alot of entertaining. Love those Scurtz! Great idea!

Joy V. Smith said...

Yes, I saw cafe listed while checking out the website and finally figured out that it meant coffee. (My mind contemplated cafe curtains briefly.) I know what you mean about slipcovers. We use them to protect the furniture from the dogs and finally sewed some old heavy curtains to protect one living room chair. (I bought Febreeze for fabric...) Enjoy your holiday Scurtz! (The holidays are getting closer every day.)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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