Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shuttle launch

I watched the shuttle launch out back from the mesa (septic system) and caught glimpses of a bright light as it rose through the trees to the east; it was really bright, and I watched it for a long time (I got back in about 12:05) until it headed down behind the trees further north. That was probably due to the curvature of the earth. Then I watched a couple replays on the NASA channel. That is so spectacular!

Today I watched more replays on the NASA channel of the astronauts gearing up and getting into their seats. I hadn't realized how difficult that is; they have straps overhead for ease of shifting into position and crew standing by to help them suit up, get ready for the parachutes, put the pillows, etc. back into their seats--not exactly seats, of course, since they're lying down. Lots of interesting background info; and the shot of the shuttle against the sunset was beautiful. I'd love to have that picture.

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