Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home ideas

The October issue of Country Living has a ton of great ideas for decorating and entertaining for Halloween. It also has home furnishing ideas, including side tables. I love the one with the pullout shelf above the drawer. (My desks have pullout shelves, and I use them a lot; there's one by the printer, and they're essential when I do a lot of sorting.) My house is full of Shaker pegboards, but the idea of using reproduction wooden spools to hang clothes on is also useful.

The Halloween decorations include bleeding candles, a spiderweb candelabra, and torn cheesecloth for a spooky effect. And there's an article on Halloween collectibles, plus one on devilish desserts. The big black spider on a cake is not appetizing, but the white chocolate spiderwebs were fun.

Speaking of food, the magazine has a column on using a vegetable that's in season. This month it's kale. Who'd have thought you could use it as a snack, with pasta, and stir fry?! This issue has pumpkin recipes also, and crystallized ginger in the pumpkin waffles sounds delicious.

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