Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home ideas

There are a lot of fascinating stories and ideas about living in small spaces in the October/November issue of ReadyMade. The 10x10 foot studio sounded small, but I'm not sure it was smaller than the one where "I could open the fridge while on the bed and grab the soap on the kitchen sink while in the shower."

There's also a helpful guide to buying a house and an article about a man making his home from wooden pallets; and among the many home decorating and furnishing ideas is one I would never have thought of--using bubble wrap (with a removable adhesive) on your window for privacy. I've bought frosted and decorative plastic sheets for privacy with light, but this is certainly interesting and cheaper.

I liked the architectural model sculptures, which included skyscrapers, the John Hancock bulding in Chicago, and bridges, plus bridge (the Golden Gate and Brooklyn) bookends. [I love fancy bookends and have quite a variety in my library.] Now I'm going to check out the sconelettes website.

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