Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home furnishing and decorating ideas

The October 2009 issue of Old-House Interiors is full of great articles and products for your home. I liked the vintage kitchen sink reproduced for the bathroom. I wouldn't want it there, but I'd love it for my kitchen. (We had one in our American Foursquare when I was a kid.)

There are also products for your kiva fireplace (southwestern look); and Keystone is a catalytic stove from Woodstock Soapstone. (I'd like that for back-up heating.) And there's an article on flat-screen TVs and how to hide them; there's even a TV in the fireplace. (Mostly they're over the fireplace, a look I've never liked, though you can hide it behind a painting.) Btw, there's a warning in the article about securing the TV. "They may be thin, but they are heavy, weighing up to 175 pounds, and have a very low center of gravity..." There have been a number of accidents where the TV fell or was knocked over by children.

There's a good article on countertop products, including laminates, composite materials, granite and soapstone (both need to be sealed), concrete (known for developing hairline cracks), and others. Notes: Granite needs a penetrating sealer and soapstone needs mineral oil. When a fabricator cuts out the material for your sink, ask for the leftover piece. (You can use leftover soapstone for a cutting board.)

More interesting articles on homes, ...

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