Monday, October 12, 2009

Living on a wildlife habitat

Yesterday afternoon five squirrels--Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Bethany, and Rocky--arrived in two big cages with their foster parents. It usually takes a little while to coax them out; the last one was very reluctant.. A couple, with their little girl, brought Rocky. This was their first time here, and they were impressed with the cathedral oak and the squirrels scampering all over those big branches. There's one little squirrel still scheduled to come; she's nine weeks old and gets to move into the big cage now. The cages have an assortment of branches to climb on, along with pieces of cloth to snuggle in and a hollow hideaway--and, of course, water bottles and food bowls. The foster parents left us squirrel food (corn, etc.) to put in our squirrel feeder. We take out lots of peanuts too, and occasionally pecans--which we used to help coax them out. We buy our squirrel food from Walmart, btw, and raw peanuts from Publix.

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