Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas gift book suggestions

Here's a smorgasbord of books I've written or have stories in:

Why Won't Anyone Play with Me? is my children's picture book. You can find it at: Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?: Books: Joy V. Smith

The new edition of my house book, Building a Cool House for Hot Times without Scorching the Pocketbook, has color photos; the ISBN number on that edition is 978-1-60749-562-8:

Aliens, Animals, and Adventure includes some of my stories (reprints). Browse the stories here: AnthologyBuilder: create your ideal anthology

And my audiobook of time travel tales, Sugar Time, is available from Hadrosaur Productions: Hadrosaur Audio

Magistria: Realm of the Sorcerer is a shared world anthology (invitation only). Check it out on amazon:

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