Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home for the holidays ideas

The December/January issue of Country Living is full of fun and lovely deas, including a photo display of America's best-selling rugs. My favorite was Rose Tufted Rug from Pier 1. The others, I thought, were on the dull side.

There was also a look at Christmas candy; and the Real Estate Sampler's focus was on churches converted into homes. Great selection! The Gift Guide was very tempting. There were cameo soaps, matchbook notepaper, items made from recycled Chinese newspapers, an iPod case with a gramaphone on the cover, and more. My favorite was measuring spoons that look like Victorian silverware (from anthropologie.com). Beautiful!

There were also Christmas ornaments (including origami) and a collection of pet gifts. (I'm sorry, but dogs dressed to imitate humans is an idea thought up by merchants! You don't have to do that, people!)

There are more ideas, which include tree trimming, gift wrapping, and home decorating (with some Swedish inspired ideas), plus a section of yummy-looking Christmas treats.

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