Saturday, December 12, 2009

DIY Solar Panel Kits (link)

You can buy Do-It-Yourself solar panel kits at Lowe's now! Well, it sounds like you may need help with the paperwork for permits, rebates, etc. and help in getting those heavy panels on the roof, attaching them to the rafters. and making the electrical connections (you'll need a dedicated circuit breaker). But we're finally getting closer to making this important green improvement to our homes. (I want to do this some day.)

I found the article in the business section of today's paper; here's the link to the paper's webpage: The Ledger Lakeland, FL

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Unknown said...

Yes Joy,,

Every of us want to cut down the electrity bill and they are willing to know how to make a solar panel by themselves....

Hope your article can help others..

Make a solar panel